Warren Conservation Commission - 2010 Earth Day Clean-up

Newport County Junior Grange leader Jeanette Kenyon poses for a photo of the 2010 tee-shirts, designed by Janis Urban, with her grandchildren Walter Winchenbach and Michelle Andrews.

Mikayla, Catherine and Laura Lopes take some of the Warren Conservation Commission water bottles to prepare themselves for the morning clean-up while at the Warren Recreation Park.

Jack and Maria Cloutier are among over 100 who sign in while Amie-jo Spencer goes over the list of  possible clean-up sites with Warren Conservation Commission secretary Jane Harrison.

Deborah Oliveira talks over her plans for the morning with Margaret Lopes before they head out with their bags.

Mae and Darleen Lial get a hug from their father, Scott, before they head out to help with the Earth Day clean-up.

Margaret Lopes gathers her daughters Maggie, Catherine and Mikayla before the head out to their chosen clean-up area.

Otto Kallfelz downs a chocolate donut while listening to Marley Flanagan tip him off on the upcoming events for the morning.

Camille Bucci and  Lori O'Brien wait while Lori's mother, Gillian, signs in for the morning clean-up.

Nicholas Goltsos, 9, stands by while his father, Bill, and Hunter Christensen, also 9, and his step-father, Danny Miner, clean-up.

Nancy Hinman finds a discarded plastic cup amid the underbrush off the bicycle path near the Palmer River in North Warren.

Mark and Amy Baker work with Amie Jo to pick up trash along the side of Serpentine Road.

Jeff Danielian and his daughter, Grace, fill several trash bags along Schoolhouse Road.

Twelve-year-old Ashley Feather works with her grandmother, Warren Conservation Commission President Gloria Medeiros.

Becky Rutkiewicz helps her father, Bob, also a Commission member, pick up trash near the high tension power lines that cross Seymour St.

Eleven-year-old Alaina Almeida works with Shirley Ferrara on Vernon Street near Ocean State Plaza.

Tom  and Kathy Flanagan pose with their daughter and her mother, Kerrie Legeros and Donna Frey and son Nicholas in Laurel Park.

Alan Whitcomb, Samantha Proulx-Whitcomb and Deirdre Proulx stand behind some of what they found along Franklin Street.

Trish and Randy Gersbach and Jimmy Rebello of the Kickemuit Grange grill the hot dogs for the returning volunteers.

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