Warren Conservation Commission - 2016 Earth Day Clean-up

Warren Conservation Commission member Jeanne Leffers and Barbara Paroline offer coffee provided by Dunkin Donuts to everyone at the Pete Sepe Pavilion.

Local artist Richard Keiser holds one of the tee shirts he designed for the Earth Day event with the theme, "Support a Green Earth."

Commission Member Barbara Paroline arranges the Earth Day tee shirts that were given away free to participants thanks to Dunkin' Donuts.

David Harrison chats with Warren Department of Public Works Clerk Judy Fardig as she picks up donuts for her crew at the North Burial Ground.

Jonathan Richardson, Jr. and his younger brother, Jacob, children of Commission Member Jonathan Richardson, pose for a photo while Jacob finishes a muffin. 

Conservation Commission Chairman Butch Lombardi chats with State Senator Wally Felag about their childhood days playing baseball sixty years ago!

Cindy Saksena chats with Conservation Commission Corresponding Secretary Jane Harrison.

Chelsea and David Vales work on marking some of the Town trash bags with a large letter "R" for items like bottles and cans that can be recycled.

Kasey and Leah Santos help themselves to coffee provided by Dunkin Donuts with Ann Parks.

Richard Keiser works with his friend on cleaning up the southern end of Bushee Road where a lot of dumping often occurs.

Bruce Murgo uses an old golf club in order  to pick up trash on Serpentine Road along the Kickemuti River.

Josey and Abigail Goff work with Justin Clevinger to clean up along the Town Beach.

Warren Department of Public Works Clerk Judy Fardig picks up branches in the North Burial Ground.

Dave McCarthy picks up some of the fallen branches at the back end of the North Burial Ground.

Warren Department of Public Works employee John DeSousa trims around one of the grave markers in the North Burial Ground.

Samantha Proulx-Whitcomb, Gillian O'Brian and Camille Bucci pose for a photo at the spot along Vernon Street where they were working. Dakota Beckvold and her grandmother, Denise Beckvold, pick up detritus along the Kickemuit River in Laurel Park. Chelsea Vale, Joan DeSousa and David Vale clean up the Luther Playground area in Laurel Park.
Laurie Vale of the Laurel Park Improvement Association brings a new sign donated by Mark MacDougall and painted by Arthur Samson who stands in the backgroun. Joan DeSousa, Phil Keefe, Deno DeSousa, Laurie Vale, Chelsea Vale, David Vale and Arthur Samson hold the new sign. David Vale and Arthur Samson assist Deno DeSousa in putting up the sign that he constructed.
Troop 25 leader Michael Campenella works with members of his troop to clean up at the intersection of Schoolhouse and Serpentine Road. Michael Campenella spears a full beer can that was tossed at the side of the road along with an old tire. Conservation Commission Member Jeanne Leffers picks up one of the many beer cans that line the side of Long Lane.
Leah Santos, Jeanette Kenyon, Walter Winchenbach, Joseph Torres, Michelle Andrews and Kasey Santos picked up trash near the cemetery entrance on Vernon Street. Christine O'Connor, center, poses with Warren Girl Scout Daisy Troop 908 composed of kindergarteners who helped to clean up Burr's Hill Park. Antonio Gomez, second from left, of the Corliss Center poses for a photo along the Bike Path with members of his crew
Members of the Newport County and Kickemuit Junior Grange Christine Andrews, Olivia Thorpe Janel Olson and Jessica Siva clean up along Vernon Street. Samantha Proulx-Whitcomb, Camille Bucci and Dee Proulx clean up along Franklin Street across the street from the Warren Storage Center Rich Flynn holds a smart phone that someone tossed into the underbrush along Serpentine Road.
Kathy Flynn cleans up some of the transh along Serpentine Road where she frequently runs. Warren Public Works employee Frank Amaral gestures as he drives along Serpentine Road with a full load of trash. Carol Gafford, Randy Gersbach, and Jim Rebello of the Kickemuit Grange run the grill for the hungry participants in the clean-up event.
Kickemuit River Council President Anne Morrill talks with Antonio Gomez of the Corlis Center. Robyn Daniel shows Conservation Commission Corresponding Secretary Jane Harrison a photo of an unusual item she found. David Tarantelli of Boy Scout Troop 25, right, describes a large car part that he found along Schoolhouse Road.
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