Low Carb Resources

The following videos and web page links provide the background on why reducing dietary carbohydrates not only leads to greater weight loss but also to a whole host of health benefits. Many also explain how we got into the low-fat myth that has misdirected American and world-wide eating patterns and fueled the obesity pandemic.  

Videos produced for Greater Fall River Partners for a Healthier Community, Inc.:

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to see Dr. Weed present at the Bristol Community College employee wellness group on "How to Lose Weight without Going Hungry". Click here for the web page.

Click here to see Dr. Weed and Southcoast Registered Dietitian Amanda Raposo present at the 2016 Massachusetts Dietetic Association Nutrition Convention on "Why do we continue to recommend limitations on dietary fatsWhat is the current evidence?" Click here for the web page.

Click here to see a one-hour presentation on "A Low-carbohydrate, Whole Food Approach to Diabetes Treatment" presented by Dr. Weed at the Fall River YMCA. Click here for another similar presentation. Click here for the web page and here for the PowerPoint slides from the presentation.

Click here to see a twenty-minute presentation on "How to End the Obesity and Diabetes Crisis in America and the World " presented by Dr. Weed to the the Fall River Rotary Club. Click here  for the web page and here for the PowerPoint slides from the presentation

"Fed Up on the Southcoast," a 20-minute video that explains the causes of the obesity epidemic and what to do about it. 

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Presentation to the Massachusetts Public Health Association on weight loss and treatment of diabetes with Dr. David Weed & Amanda Raposo, R.D.     

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Click here for a one-hour video of Award-winning science writer Gary Taubes'  presentation at UMass Medical School (Click here for the web page)

  Dr. David Ludwig speaks on his book, "Always Hungry?" at the New Bedford Whaling Museum 
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Low Carb Lessons:

Click here for the Low Carb Lessons page that features over 20 classes on low-carb eating taught by Dr. Weed

Low Carb videos on the web:

Click here for over two dozen videos posted on the web that relate to low-carb eating


Low Carb web sites:


Authority Nutrition, which gives straight, easy-to-understand answers about low-carb eating, each backed up by links to the original research.


DietDoctor.com, a terrific web site by Andraes Einsfelt, MD, who details the latest news on low-carb eating.


Don't miss a dozen more videos from Jimmy Moore at



Big Fat Lies



Why You Got Fat



Bologna: Animal Fat Will Kill You



Bologna: Animal Fat Will Kill You, Part 2



Bologna: Animal Fat Will Kill You, Part 3



Bologna: Animal Fat Will Kill You, Part 4



Bologna: Grains Are Good For You



Bologna: Grains Are Good For You, Part 2



Drs. Michael & Mary Eades: Diets and Hunger



Sally Falllon: Sugar and Starch



Sally Fallon: Fats and Oils



Sally Fallon: CSPI's Popcorn Scare



Tom Naughton: Big Fat Fiasco



Oregon University's Dr. John Purnell speaks about  fructose 



Diet soda may raise odds of vascular events; salt linked to stroke risk





Low Carb audio sites


Listen to Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian talk about the current shift in Dietary Guideline recommendations on the NPR show, "Here and Now"




Listen to On Point Radio with Tom Ashbrook as he interviews Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, Dr. Stephanie Coulter, Mark Bittman and Dr. David Katz about new research showing saturated fat is not harmful to heart health.


Listen to On Point Radio with Tom Ashbrook as he interviews Dr. Lydia Bazzano, Dr. David Katz, Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian and Michael Moss about new research showing greater weight loss with low-carb diets vs. low-fat diets.