Warren Conservation Commission - 2017 Earth Day Clean-up

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John Treacy picks out some recycling bags to use in the clean-up while Warren Conservation Commissioner Wendy Brennen looks on.

State Senator Wally Felag talks with Warren artist Richard Keiser and Warren Conservation Commissioner Butch Lombardi.

Michelle Andrews and Walter Winchenbach try on their 25th Anniversary tee shirts designed by Warren artist Richard Keiser and provided by Dunkin Donuts..

Warren Conservation Commission member Barbara Paroline smiles to see the good turn-out while Commission member Wendy Brennen looks on.

Six-year-old Marykape O'Connor poses for a photo in their tee-shirts with her five-year-old sister, Emily, both from nearby Bristol, RI.

Paul Cirillo signs in and writes down that he and his family will clean up at the town beach on lower Water Street.

A swan builds a nest along the shore of the lower Kickemuit River not far from Serpentine Road where the clean-up is taking place.

Bruce Murgo of Fern Drive in Warren starts to tackle the trash strewn along Serpentine Road bordering the lower Kickemuit River.

Tee-shirt designer Richard Keiser pulls trash in the undergrowth at the intersection of Serpentine and Schoolhouse Roads.

Lori Hunt and Deputy Town Clerk Sandy Speroni pick up trash along Schoolhouse Road across from Heritage Park, one of the Town's public conservation areas.

David Peterson of Riverside, RI, rakes leaves at the entrance of the North Burial Ground on North Main Street.

Five-year-old Callum Burke helps his dad, Dan Burke, pick up branches in the North Burial Ground.

Six-year-old Sofia Cirillo runs ahead of her parents on the lawn of the Town Beach where they volunteered to pick up trash.

State Senator Wally Felag joins the group raking out the leaves at the Henry Luther Playground in Laurel Park.

Laurel Park resident Lori Vale works with Joan deSousa to get all of last winter's leaves raked out of the Henry Luther Playground.

Deborah Oliveira finishes cleaning up the eastern end of Verson Street where she found a great deal of trash. Jonathan Richardson, Jr., son of Commission Member Jonathan Richardson, picks up a horseshoe crab shell in the Laurel Park marsh. Jonathan, Jr., Jacob and Autumn Richardson help their mother, Bailey Richardson, pick up trash in the Laurel Park marsh.
Olivea and Lee Ann Thorpe pause after picking up dozens of nip bottles scattered along Vernon Street where they live. Grange Member Jessica Silva poses for a photo with Janel Olson and Christine Andrews as they work along Vernon Street. Camjille Bucci, Gail Madeiro and Gillian O'Brien pause as they clean up mounds of trash along Franklin Street. 
Ben Flynn and Kathy Sullivan pose for a photo along the East Bay Bike Path along Railroad Street where they removed trash, including dozens of cigarette butts. Seven-year-old Ryan Matyas poses for a photo with his mother, Stacey, and his nine-year-old brother, Peter, next to the Waren Mart Convenience Store on Child Street. Gisele Rodrigues and her daughter, Jessica, stop for a minute after working all morning to pick up trash along Asylum Road across from Kickemuit Middle School
Newport County and Kickemuit Grange members Randy Gersbach and Carol Gafford cook hot dogs and hamburgers for those returning to the Sepe Park pavilion. Commission members Jonathan Richardson, Butch Lombardi, Jane Harrison, Dave Weed, Barbara Paroline and Wendy Brennan pose for a group photo.. One of the Town Public Works Department employees drives a truck throughout the Town to pick up bags of trash from the Clean-up.
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