Warren Conservation Commission - 2018 Earth Day Clean-up

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Jacob Richardson helps move a box of food to the pavilion under the direction of his father and Conservation Commission member, Jonathan, and his mother, Bailey.

Warren Conservation Commission member Wendy Brennen looks over the display of tee shirts from past years that will be given away.

Bailey Richardson places bundles of new tee shirts for this year designed by Warren artist Richard Kaiser.

Warren Conservation Commission members Jeanne Leffers and Jane Harrison set up piles of paper bags to be filled by groups going out to pick up trash.

Jacob Richardson helps himself to one of the many donuts donated by Dunkin Donuts on Metacom Avenue along with the tee shirts.

Jay Blacbeard watches while Frank Alfano signs up for one of the areas in town to be cleaned up that morning.

Cub scouts from Troop 25 pose for a group photo with Erin Coletta and other parents before heading to the town beach.

Conservation Commission members Butch Lombardi, Jeanne Leffers, Jonathan Richardson, Wendy Brennen, Jim Allen, Jane Harrison and Dave Weed pose for a group photo. 

Michelle and Mark Macko assist their son Ian in picking up trash along the bicycle path on Asylum Road.

Dave McCarthy carries some downed branches while Pat Reed carries some tools into the North Burial Ground.

Cub Scout Troop 25 members attack the trash strewn along the swales at the Town Beach across from Burr's Hill Park. 

Cub Scout Connor Dickson reaches for a piece of trash in the undergrowth of one of the swales.

Cub Scout Dantae Bauer places some trash he picked up in Burr's Hill Park into a bag held by Melanie Michaud.

State Senator Wally Felag joins David Vales and a group raking out the leaves at the Henry Luther Playground in Laurel Park.

Warren Public Works employees Daniel Lacy and Manuel Teixeira travel the town streets in one of the trucks picking up filled trash and recycling bags.

Jeremiah Zieglar, Dan Nguyen, Phao Ngo and Alexis Nguyen pose for a photo with their trash bags outside of the Kickemuit Grange headquarters on Vernon Street. Keith Daniel comments on the increasing amount of trash along Vernon and Franklin Street near where he lives. Deborah Oliveira pose for a photo with her trash bag that she filled at one end of Vernon Street.
Susan Rabideau and son Nolan pick up trash in the brush along the Kickemuit River on Serpentine Road. Dee Pierotti, Pat O'Brien, Gail Proulx, Camine Bucci and Gillian O'Brien work to pick up trash along Franklin Street. Christine Andrews, Sarah Bernard and Janel Olson pose for a photo as they work along Veron Street.
Brian Costa walks over to a mattress and several bags he pulled from the brush along Schoolhouse Road. David Tarantelli and Dawn Harwood pile up some of the trash that they found along Schoolhouse Road. Tom Tracy pulls trash out of the undergrowth on the south side of Child Street near where he lives.
Frank Alfano works with Brian Costa and others to clean up along both Bushee and Schoolhouse roads. Frank Alfano holds a laptop and a purse with credit cards he found along Bushee road before turning them into the Warren Police Department. Jim Rebello, Randy Gershbach and Terry Messier of the Kickemuit Grange grill hot dogs and hamburgers for the returning volunteers at Warren Recreation Park.
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