Warren Conservation Commission - 2019 Earth Day Clean-up


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Members of Cub Scout Troop 25 wear their Warren Earth Day Clean-up tee-shirts for a photo that appeared in the Warren Times four days in advance of the April 20th event..

Warren Conservation Commission members decided to go ahead with the event after hearing reports of possible downpours that never materialized that morning.

Pat Moise hangs a sign for the Warren environmental advocacy group, Greening the Sphere (www.GreeningTheSphere.org), as Katie Fontaine and Shari Bitsis watch.

Donna and Joe Amaral sign in at the Recreation Park Pavilion and designate a place where they plan to clean up during the morning event.

Warren Conservation Commission Member Jim Allen and Warren Senator Wally Felag carry a cooler filled with milk and other items.

Conservation Commission Members Jeanne Leffers and Jonathan Richardson bring more items to the Pavilion.

Linda and Michael Hanson watch as Joseph Motta picks out one of the tee-shirts from previous years that were given away.

Seven-year-old Colby Harrison-Borkoski enjoys one of the many bakery items donated by the Dunkin store on Metacom Avenue in Warren.

Volunteers look over the selection of bakery goods donated by the Dunkin store on the east side of Metacom Avenue in Warren.

Warren Conservation Commission Member Jane Harrison admires this year's tee-shirt design as artist Richard Keiser holds one up.

Commission Members Jonathan Richardson, Jim Allen Wendy Brennen, Jeanne Leffers, Butch Lombardi, Dave Weed and Jane Harrison pose for a photo at the start of the event.

Gina Damiano and her fourteen-year-old son, Andrew, get ready to head out to clean up the area near the Kickemuit Grange on Vernon Street. 

Charles Otley of VFW Post 104 tosses more branches on a pile at the North Ground where he worked with fellow Veteran David McCarthy.

Warren DPW employee Judy Fardig and Warren Town Council President Keri Cronin pose for a photo in the North Burial Ground that Judy is in charge of maintaining. 

A doe rests quietly at one edge of the North Burial Ground when it discovered that it was fenced in with no escape without going by the clean-up volunteers..

Don Bouchard carefully rakes up along Child Street near where he lives while listening on his headphones. Tom Tracy pulls trash out the the bushes on the north side of Child Street near the Kickemuit Dam. Warren Preservation Members Sarah Weed and Paula Jones rake up along Stingy Alley on the west side of the Methodist Church in the center of town. 
Susan Rabideau and son Nolan pick up trash in the brush along the Kickemuit River on Serpentine Road. Henry, Colby, and Sara Harrison-Borkoski and Thatcher Speidel rest on the wall of the Kickemuit Cemetery on Serpentine Road after collecting trash. Brian Costa wears a tee-shirt from a previous Clean-up that he participated in while he pulls trash from the bushes along Schoolhouse Road.
Jim Leffers and his grandson, Sam Blake Leffers, fill up a recycling bag with items they picked up along Long Lane. Kosta Bitsis organizes a Recycling Relay game with about twenty children by giving  them instructions on how to sort items that they will find in one of two boxes set up for teams. Children race to pick up items that they have to decide whether to place them in boxes marked Recycling, Landfill, Compost or Special Hazardous Waste.
One child prepares to move a pine cone to the box market "Compost" while another heads to the box marked "Recycling".  She checks with others before deciding to correctly place the booklet in the box marked "Recycling"  Katie Fontaine and Shari Bitsis, right, look over the items in the boxes to make sure the teams made the correct choices.
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