Warren Conservation Commission - 2020 Earth Day Clean-up


Click here for a video by Hugh Cole Elementary School students

Sam Leffers (7) who was the enthusiastic worker and winner of last years “most unusual find” item , poses for a photo with his brother James (10).

Both boys live in Barrington and biked over from their house to the Conservation Commission Trail near Brown Street. 

Sam Leffers picks up in the marsh along the Palmer River that can be reached using the Conservation Commission Trail near Brown Street. 

Sara, Henry and Colby Harrison-Borkoski rest after picking up litter with their family.

Daffodils grace the yard of Conservation Commission Member Wendy Brennen.

Thatcher Speidel removes an abandoned wheelbarrow while working on his family's Earth Day clean-up..

Annika and Jackson Dove pick up litter at Recreation Park.

Jackson and Annika Dove show some of the pieces of litter they picked up at Warren's Recreation Park where the Earth Day event usually takes place.

Second-grader Wyatt Smith and 4th grader  Dylan Eberhard  spell out "Earth Day" in the dirt.

Warren Planning Board Member Jim Leffers clean a portion of the Bike Path and the Conservation Commission Trail near Brown Street. 

Warren Land Conservation Trust President Michael Gerhardt and Treasurer Finn Brudevold clean up a portion of Schoolhouse Road.

Conservation Commission Members Dave Weed and his wife, Sarah, pick up trash on Schoolhouse Road near Birch Swamp Road.

Fifth-grader Alyssa Peixoto picks some flowers for Earth Day.

Fifth-grader Luther Blount holds a sign for his budding tree for Earth Day.

Hugh Cole student Violet Plamondon gets ready to toss her recycling.

The Thibaudeau family pitches in to clean up along Long Lane at the Kee Farm..

Siblings Molly, James and Matthew work together along a stone fence.

Molly holds the last of what they picked up before putting it in a bag.

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