Warren Conservation Commission - 2021 Earth Day Clean-up


Conservation Commission members Wendy Brennen, Dave Weed, Jeanne Leffers, Jane Harrison, Keith Morton and Butch Lombardi pose.

Keith and Butch chat at the Recreation Park pavilion before the start of the Clean-up activities 

Keyler Benevides contemplates what to draw for the contest that children were invited to enter while his mother, Katherine, looks on. 

Jane Harrison helps people sign up for an area to clean-up so the DPW crew will know where to pick up bags.

Peter and Ryan Matyas pose for a photo while wearing one of the 2019 tee shirts designed by artist Richard Kaiser.

Jesse Kopzynski signs up to clean up an area of the bike path that he frequently uses.

Bruce Margo tackles the trash, including dozens of alcholic nip bottles, scattered all along Schoolhouse Road.

Luciana Decastro is ready to work on the Bike Path for her first Earth Day project.

Richard Kaiser cleans up trash along Schoolhouse Road near where he lives. He often cleans the area on days other than Earth Day.

Joanne Kersh and Graceyson and Morgan Smith collect all kinds of trash left along Serpentine Road where Joanne often runs

Sandy Scott help clean up trash thrown over the North Burial Ground fence by people using the Bike Path.

Hunter Christiansen rakes along the North Burial Ground fence on North Main Street.

A large group of neighbors pitches in to clean up the shoreline in Laurel Park.


A large pile of trash was pulled from along Franklin Street, including a tire and an inner spring mattress.

The group from the Kickemuit Grange poses for a photo in front of their headquarters on Vernon Street.

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