Warren Conservation Commission - 2022 Earth Day Clean-up


Conservation Commission members Jane Harrison and Keith Morton listen as tee-shirt design artist Richar Kaiser describes his tee-shirt drawing.

Martha Antaya picks out a shirt to wear as Woody Kemp holds one up as a sample.

Health Equity Zone Director Kristin Read talks with TPI employee Ashley Hutchins about a health survey she is doing in Warren.

Adam and Kendra Pimenta sign up for the clean-up while their almost-two-year-old son, Oscar, enjoys one of the donuts provided by Dunkin.


Lilly Parisi, Marisa Cabral, and Beatrix and Peneolpe Farrell get set to go out on the clean-up with their recycling and nip collection bags.

Clean-up first-timer Leeanne Quattrucci begins by riding her bike to one of her favorite spots on Serpentine Road.


Bruce Margo picks up trash, including dozens of alcoholic nip bottles scattered all along Schoolhouse Road.


David and Elena Oliveira pick up over 200 nip bottles along with other trash further up Schoolhouse Road.

Mike Lerman participates for the first time in the Warren town-wide clean-up by using a grabber to retrieve trash along Serpentine Road.

Jacqueline Russom and Sheri Smith, both from Touisset, clean-up in front of Ocean State Plaza on Vernon Street.


Judy Fardig notes the condition of some of the grave markers as she picks up trash in the North Burial Ground.

Mikayla Kelmer and Aaron Guzman clean one of the swales at the Town Beach along South Water Street.

Julie Stone and State Senator Wally Felag rake out leaves in the Henry Luther Playground in Laurel Park.


Jeffrey Burock and Phil Keefe use a chain saw to cut up a large stump so it can be removed from the Laurel Park Playground.

Frank Alfano picks up loads of nip bottles along Bushee Road and hopes to win the contest for the one who finds the most.

Warren Parks and Recreation Department Director Tara Thibaudeau and Jibril Diakite pose for a photo as volunteer clean up the Dog Park.

Five-year-old Penelope Troiano poses with a group of volunteers who cleaned up around the Grange on Vernon Street.

Hazzard Bagg and his son, Nathanael clean up along Schoolhouse Road near where they live.

Warren Grange volunteer Randy Gershbach grills hamburgers and hot dogs as Jacqueline Russom and Carol Gafford look on.


Over one thousand nip containers alone were picked up by volunteer over the course of the morning, demonstrating what a problem those are.

Warren DPW worker Nick Noyes tosses a bag of trash into his truck at the end of the clean-up.

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